Employee determination is everything

Jan-Bentsen6_peopleWithout employee energy and motivation a company is poor situation and the value is “zeroed” in the long term.






When visit a company, whether it is an employee you meet or at the front desk, you can feel the “spirit of the company”. It is clearly noticeable, whether they want to “create something/full of energy” or whether the organization has put itself on the side line with defensive observations and inertia.

How is it with your company?

Every Company is dependent on the employees energy and motivation. There is often a great deal of untapped energy hidden in and it can be released by simple means and targeting.

It is not enough that employees are high technically skilled, if they are not able to engage in a constructive dialogue and work together. There may be many precious resources and energies stored in the company, just waiting to come into play.

Saved energy in a company display itself  differently:

  • people discuss more the reasons why things can not be done, than what it takes to get it done
  • “hiding” behind the planning and analysis, instead of realizing plans…
  • finds many reasons why it can not be done …
  • needs to have all equipment in place and perhaps prefer the newest, before commencing any actions…
  • low efficiency
  • not praise each other…
  • are unhappy with one thing and another, which is without any real importance…
  • long time to introduce something new…
  • “cackling” in the organization…
  • not manage to achieve its goals…
  • get too little of its resources…
  • go after the culprit, by discussing “who have failed”
  • protect themselves…

People CAPACITY is about to release this energy so that the employee participating with the full capacity by working with:

  • Release of personal energy
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Strengthening of cooperation in teams and groups
  • Revealing “My true North” (my true self)
  • Value Clarification and personal objectives
  • Conflict
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

“An organization without human commitment is like a person without a soul. Skeleton, flesh and blood may be able to consume and to excrete, but there is no life force”
– Henry Mintzberg


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