Strengthen your sales and market penetration


A strong product is not a guarantee of success.

Development of existing and recruitment of new customers and products, are the core elements of a strong sales platform.



Markets are different, Companies are different, decision makers are different.

Challenges in the market are different from one company to another.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, we can help your business:

  • We do not sell well enough
  • We are seeing increased competition
  • We need orders
  • The “hit rate” is too low
  • Poor Bottom Line
  • It takes too long time to process new customer segments
  • We are not sufficiently customer oriented
  • Our customers steeps away and disappear
  • We are not sure of our major and strategic customers
  • We will not manage to realize our sales strategies
  • We are not efficient enough
  • We get too little effect of our sales resources
  • Marketing and sales do not understand each other

salesCAPACITY strengthens your business by working with:

  • From lost to winning offers
  • The effective sales strategy
  • Planning and organising the targeted sales
  • Key Account Management/Strategic Account Management
  • Sales and service approach
  • The difficult negotiation
  • The effect of psychology in sales situations
  • Leadership and management of the sales organization
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

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